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Exam papers V300 NMP
Hi all Im sending out an SOS. I really need some help getting hold of some past exam papers for the V300 NMP course. I have hit panic stations and ....
09 April 2016 02:02 - Nurse Prescriber Forum
Posted by Cherylw - Topic read 25031 times today (38 replies)
V300 course
Hi does anyone know if you can self fund and get on the v300 course when just trained in Botox and fillers? The couple of university's I have spoke to....
10 June 2013 07:31 - Nurse Prescriber Forum
Posted by mcmillsa - Topic read 11837 times today (17 replies)
Hi guys. Just after a bit of advice. I am an independent prescriber and have been approached to prescribe Botox for qualified beautitiens. I'm jus....
10 October 2012 05:22 - Nurse Prescriber Forum
Posted by yorkshiredevil - Topic read 7189 times today (41 replies)
Pharmacology exam
I am currently revision and trying to prepare for my last part of the course in particular the pharmacology & drug calculation exam. Does anyone have....
18 January 2010 10:45 - Nurse Prescriber Forum
Posted by cjc - Topic read 5297 times today (12 replies)
non medical prescribing portfolio help please !!!!
Please could someone help me out here.I am seriously looking for help with the Prescrbing portfolio.Please someone send me their portfolio work so ....
10 June 2016 05:07 - Nurse Prescriber Forum
Posted by tinamarie - Topic read 3749 times today (9 replies)
Past Papers for drugs calculations
Hi, Does anyone have any that they could forward to me. I would be very grateful and thank you in advanced. My email address is vickibutler@vir...
18 September 2013 04:26 - Nurse Prescriber Forum
Posted by vicki2910 - Topic read 3432 times today (4 replies)
Nurse prescribing course
Need advice on a serious note.I hate myself.I embarked on the prescribing course.I passed some but failed my Osce and numeracy and the portfolio in f....
19 August 2016 08:35 - Nurse Prescriber Forum
Posted by Benedette - Topic read 2981 times today (10 replies)
v300 past exam papers
Hi all, Portfolio done, exams in 2 weeks! Arhhg, have done one past paper but could with one Or two more, any one have any past papers at all? ....
14 April 2014 05:01 - Nurse Prescriber Forum
Posted by kellysaynor - Topic read 2729 times today (1 replies)
nmp essays :-(
Hi there everyone. I'm on nightshift tonight and have just finished my 5th of 6 non medical prescribing essays. I'm just wondering how many words pe....
15 July 2010 04:11 - Nurse Prescriber Forum
Posted by n/a - Topic read 2572 times today (5 replies)
V300 need DMP
Hi all can you please help I have a provisional place for January 2018 for the nurse prescriber course. My DMP last minute has overbooked himself. Ca....
09 June 2017 01:41 - Nurse Prescriber Forum
Posted by rehman - Topic read 2438 times today (4 replies)
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